Monstrology How to level to 12 fast (Suggested at Level 50+)

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Step One is to get your monstrology quest:

  1. Visit Burke in Wizard City and accept his quest and then complete the quest.

  2. Return to Burke and turn in the quest, now it is time to level and fast so that you can get the monsters you want.

Step Two is to buy, if you can Triple Animus Elixir:

  1. In the Crown Shop Is the Triple Animus Elixir it costs 150 crowns and lasts an hour.
  2. You will get triple the xp and triple the monstrology extrations needed to make a monster. KI has kept the cost down on this so it is a win win.

Step Three farm Sapphyra\’s Tower:

  1. Farm her until your level 5 it should not take long.
  2. At your current level (2) you only need 20 xp to level and with the triple elixir you will get 24 xp per round.
  3. You should be level 5 within a few battles.

Step Four farm Briskbreeze Tower:

  1. Farm this tower to level 12 it is suggested to take a balance or life to help keep you alive or blade you since you and only you can hit.
  2. By this time you should be level 5 and with help you should be level 12 in no time, now you can keep leveling here until your max level if you like.