Wizard City Hidden Housing Items

Tiny Arched Door

The Tiny arched door comes from the Wizard City Pet Shop. Good times are ahead for you and your teeny tiny door. Go get yours today!

Lynx Gazer Picture

Lynx Gazer (Ravenwood, Myth School) – To the right of Cyrus Drake.

Brain Jar

Brain Jar (Haunted Cave, Stormdrain Tower) – On the desk behind Lord Nightshade.

Open Book

Open Book (Triton Ave, Harvest Lord Tower) – To the right of the door, on the floor.

Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink (Firecat Alley, Anna Flamewright\’s House) – On the table off to the right of the door.
Kroktopia Hidden Housing Items

Tall Pumpkin

Tall Pumpkin (Hall of Champions) – On the floor to the left of Rami.

Tall Ladder

Tall Ladder (Chamber of Fire) – Located to the right of the ramp that leads up to Assistant Danforth.


Sledgehammer (Palace of Fire) – Located to the right of the entrance to Nesbit\’s Chamber, across from Private Farnsworth.

Bowl of Tomatoes

Bowl of Tomatoes (Krokosphinx) – Located to the right of the Boots, Rings, and Pets Shopkeeper.

Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet

Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet (Karanahn Barracks) – Off to the right of the door that leads to the area with the islands and bridges.
Marleybone Hidden Housing Items

Coil of Rope

Coil of Rope (Spiral Chamber) – Located behind the spiral door, off to the left.

Green Food Cart

Green Food Cart (Digmoore Station) – Located to the right of the entrance.

Hairdini Playbill

Hairdini Playbill (Scotland Yard) – Located on the backside of the wall behind Officer McRuff.

Discarded Newspaper

Discarded Newspaper (Scotland Yard Roof) – To the right of the stairs.

Framed Campsite Photo

Framed Campsite Photo (Royal Museum) – Go into the museum and off to the left, toward Counterweight West. It\’s the photo closest to the elevator.
Mooshu Hidden Housing Items

Stone Obelisk

Stone Obelisk (Jade Palace/Spiral Chamber) – Go behind the platform where the spiral door is.

Yellow Silk Kimono

Yellow Silk Kimono (Jade Palace) – Go into the Emperor\’s Throne Room (where Jade Oni is) and the kimono is off to the right of the entrance.


Stone (Kishibe Village) – Located behind Tu Luk Kwo,

Samorai Bust

Samorai Bust (Hametsu Village) – Located in a fire directly across from Jo Feng in the village.

Serpent Tablet

Serpent Tablet (Shirataki Temple) – Go into the room where you fight Plague Oni and the Serpent tablet is to the left of the entrance.
Dragonspyre Hidden Housing Items

Lava Fountain

Lava Fountain (Basilica) – Go to the bottom level where Prospector Zeke is.

Dragonskull Obelisk

Dragonskull Obelisk (Atheneum) – Go up the stairs in the library and go to the right, and into the room where the Robe and Hat Shopkeeper is.


Pillory (Plaza of Conquests) – Go into Sandor Spearcaller\’s tower and the pillory is off to the left.

Dragon Wall Bust

Dragon Wall Bust (The Crucible) – Go through Dragonspyre Academy and into The Crucible. Go straight a little ways and there is a curved path to the left. Go down the path and the Dragon Wall Bust is high up on the building.
Grizzleheim/WinterTusk Hidden Housing Items

Row Boat

Savarstaad Pass: Bear-Prowed Row Boat(In the water near the other rowboats.)

Stack of Logs.

Hrundle Fjord: Stack of Logs.

Net Drying Rack

Austrilund: Behind the boar camp (Net Drying Rack)

Raven Brazier

RavenScar: Near the ravens battle. (Raven Brazier)

Grandmother Raven Statue

Mirkholm Keep: Around the lake from Herkier. (Grandmother Raven Statue)

Angle Cut Stump

Viguild Roughland: Near the yardbird. (Angle Cut Stump)
Wysteria Hidden Housing Items

Small Wooden Clock

Equilibrium School, on the teachers desk. (Small Wooden Clock)

DragonShip Painting

Ring and Amulet Shop (DragonShip Painting)

Proud Pegasus Statue

Pegasus Place: Proud Pegasus Statue

Spiral Tree

TangleWood Way: (Spiral Tree)

Estate Picture

In the ice gobblers house in ws the house near piggle fountain. (Estate Picture)
Celestia Hidden Housing Items

Open Campfire

Science Center- Open Campfire

Water-Mole Tribal Shield

Floating Land- Inside the downed blimp. (Water-Mole Tribal Shield)

Chained Kraken Statue

StormRiven Hall- Inside the bosses lair (Chained Kraken Statue)

Spiral Crab Table

The Grotto- in the Coral Castle near Gov. Nereus\’ throne (Spiral Crab Table)

Coral Crab Lamp

Crustacean Empire- In the Barbican behind Praetor Mako (Coral Crab Lamp)

Celestian Legion Statue

Portico: As soon as you enter the Portico in Celestia the Celestian Legion statue is to be found on a small elevated platform on the right side. (Celestian Legion Statue)
Zafaria Hidden Housing Items

Tallow Candles

Baoboab CrossRoads:Inside Inyanga WhiteStrips Hut (Tallow Candles)

Old Pelt Rug

WaterFront: Inside the Library (Old Pelt Rug)

Stone Lion Statue

Savannah: Nemean Rock overlooking the Savannah Behind Nergal (Stone Lion Statue)

Gorilla Hut

Drum Jungle: Near Ranzan\’s Jungle Clearing (Gorilla Hut)

Elephant Queen Painting

Waterfront, Black Palace: Final room with Tim-Tim Snakeeye *Use the secret Passage!* (Elephant Queen Painting)

Purple Jewel Pile

WaterFront: In the back of Belloq\’s tent. (Purple Jewel Pile)
Avalon Hidden Housing Items

Forest Painting

Location: Lower Caer Lyon, Innes Idle\’s House: Forest Painting

Archery Target

Abbey Road: Near zeke (Archery Target)

Red Toadstool

The Wild: Near Casy the Ponycorn (Red Toadstool)

Avalon Crafting Anvil

DunDara: near where the crafting vendor and Gwendolyn (Avalon Crafting Anvil)

Avalon Royal Rug

Upper Caer Lyon: In Malgrin\’s Tower. (Avalon Royal Rug)

Stone Bird Feeder

Outter Yard: Stone Bird Feeder on the left side/wall within the royal garden, in the outer yard in avalon. (Stone Bird Feeder)
Azteca Hidden Housing Items

Tomato Basket

Saltmeadow Swamp: In the ship\’s hold. (Tomato Basket)

Sigil Leaf

Alto: Alto area Up around a tree. (Sigil Leaf)

Glowing Mushroom

CloudBurst Forest: (Glowing Mushroom)

Orange Basket

Turquoise Cave: One one of the tables (Orange Basket)


First Dungeon in Azteca: (Cage)
Aquila Hidden Housing Items

Olympian Herb

Garden of the Hesperides- Near the Vendor: (Olympian Herb)

Grand Statue of Zues

Olympus- Sky Balcony: (Grand Statue of Zues)

Banner of Apollo

Olympus – Sun Chamber: (Banner of Apollo)

Atlantea Grand Monument

Atlantea- Behind Hermes: (Atlantea Grand Monument)
Mirage Hidden Housing Items

Living Log

Mirage – Caterwaul Canyons

Crossed Swords

Mirage – Rubal Wastes – House Calixco – Baby Room

Small Stage

Mirage – Yakhal Mountain – Ice Kennels