How To Videos...

Elijah Watervault 1-rug glitch to move anything For house decoration and building this glitch makes it all simple!

How to GLITCH like a pro and move and place any object with only ONE rug

Castle Magic and Glitching

Emily FairyBlossom's Floating Beach House outside her Royal Playhouse Estate

Castle magic and glitching with 1 rug were used to make this floating Beach house. You will see the house with Castle Magic and without Castle Magic, especially the beach area, so you can get an idea how Castle Magic will make your house look.

Christina Witzel's Magical, glitched Beach Party House

Here you will find the best of Castle Magic and glitching in this amazing floating house outside of Christina’s Dorm!

Building 2 houses outside the dorm of my Death Wizard Fallon Hawkeyes

Decorated Houses

Wizard101 Old School-- Christina's Island Getaway

This amazing house shows a mastery level of Castle Magic and Glitching.

Myrna MoonMender's Battlemage Keep

Beautiful house decorated with Castle Magic and brilliant glitching and lots of whimsy.